swisstray – Made in Switzerland

The most functional pocket ashtray!

In close cooperation with the Institute for Product Design, Development and Construction at the University of Applied Sciences in Rapperswil (CH), we have developed the swisstray, the first pocket ashtray that meets all functional requirements for practical use.

Your benefit: You achieve optimal acceptance among the target group. This is the prerequisite for ensuring that portable ashtrays will actually be used and that the environmental pollution caused by cigar littering can be stopped in the long term.

Thanks to the swisstray, the environment remains clean and all cities, municipalities and companies additionally benefit from lower cleaning costs.

Photo by Jürg Zimmermann

For the first time, the swisstray meets all functional requirements:

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The unsolved
littering problem!

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Previous anti-cigarette litter campaigns were ineffective!

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Put a lasting stop to cigarette littering!

 swisstray — campaign

The new, effective solution approach!

The problem is solved when smokers habitually use a portable solution!

As long as littering is more convenient and de facto free, only a minority of smokers are willing to buy an ashtray to go. If we want to stop this environmental pollution, we have to provide the target group with a functional solution.

That’s how you reach the goal!
  1. All smokers receive the most functional solution
  2. Ensuring use by promoting motivation through…
  3.  …personal commitment.
  4. …accompanying campaign “Fair Deal”.
  5. …incentives for use.
  6. …consistent enforcement of litter laws.
  7. …extension of smoking bans.

swisstray inspires
its users

  • the annoying search for an ashtray outside is no longer a concern
  • finally you have a functional solution in the car as well
  • users develop ambition and pride: “No more cigarette butts end up on the floor!”
  • swisstray users receive compliments = new positive experience for smokers! e.g. in outdoor cafés

Customer feedback: “I am thrilled with the swisstray. It stays cool despite a burning cigarette. It does not stink. It has room for several butts.”

The benefit
for the community

  • Sustainable promotion of environmental protection
  • Reduction of littering in public spaces (parks, playgrounds…)
  • Reduction of the high cleaning costs: already 1 filled swisstray amortises its investment
  • swisstray provides cities with a constructive alternative to anti-littering laws, which cannot be implemented anyway
  • easier enforcement of extending smoking bans, if necessary, as there is now a functional alternative
  • swisstray is the most cost-effective solution to the cigarette litter problem

Further Projects

taketray not only produces the swisstray. We are developing various other products to protect our environment.

Projects for a clean environment

The following projects were or are in development at taketray.


portable design ashtray made of aluminium


For the environmentally friendly disposal of chewing gum.


Pocket ashtray with accessories


Combination article for cigarettes and chewing gum.

By cooperating with these renowned institutes, we can ensure the development and production of high-tech products.

Our forward-looking concept has enabled us to attract the following investors.

Institut für Produktdesign, Entwicklung und Konstruktion (IPEK)

Verein Innovationsfonds

taketray GmbH

Freigutstrasse 26
8002 Zurich