taketray – The ideal pocket ashtray!

Made in Switzerland.

Experience shows that pocket ashtrays are only used if they are also functional. That’s why we developed the taketray together with the University of Applied Sciences in Rapperswil and the target group: The first pocket ashtray that meets all functional requirements for practical use. In addition, it is manufactured in an environmentally friendly way from recycled material.

Your benefit: You achieve optimal acceptance among the target group, which means that the taketray is used regularly in everyday life. This puts a lasting stop to environmental pollution caused by cigarette littering.


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… and this is how the taketray works:

The taketray meets all functional requirements for the first time:

What our customers say about taketray 

By the way, I am absolutely thrilled about these Taketrays and am advertising them intensively to my smoking colleagues at work and even to my employer as a solution to the cigarette litter problem around the office building. Let’s see if I will be successful with it. ?

I really hope they will be successful with this product. It is absolutely perfectly thought out and implemented! Congratulations to the initiators and engineers.


I ordered pocket ashtrays from you and they arrived today and they are great!

Thank you very much for the prompt delivery – I’d love to do it again!


Very satisfied!
I recommend it to everyone! Since I got it, I only dispose of everything and don’t throw anything on the floor.
I have definitely achieved my goal.


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The unsolved
littering Problem!

Previous anti-cigarette litter campaigns were ineffective!

Put a lasting stop to cigarette littering!

 taketray — campaign

The new, effective solution approach!

The problem is solved when smokers habitually use a portable ashtray!

As long as litters are more convenient and effectively free, only a minority of smokers are willing to buy a pocket ashtray. If you want to stop this environmental pollution, you have to give the target group a functional pocket ashtray.

  1. All smokers receive the most functional pocket ashtray
  2. Ensure use via promotion of motivation through…
  3.  …personal commitment.
  4. …accompanying campaign “Fairer Deal”.
  5. …Incentives for use.
  6. …consistent enforcement of littering laws.
  7. …extension of smoking bans.

taketray inspires
the users

  • the annoying search for an ashtray outside is a thing of the past
  • you finally have a functional solution in the car too
  • Users develop ambition and pride: «No more stub ends up on the floor!»
  • taketray users receive compliments = new positive experience for smokers! e.g. in garden pubs

Customer feedback: «I am thrilled with the taketray. He stays cool, despite the burning cigarette. It does not stink. It has room for several stumps.»

The advantage
for the general public

  • Sustainable promotion of environmental protection
  • Reduction of pollution of public spaces (parks, playgrounds…)
  • Reduction of high cleaning costs: already 1 filled taketray amortises its investment
  • The taketray provides localities with a constructive alternative to anti-litter laws, which cannot be implemented anyway, easier enforcement of the extension of smoking bans if necessary
  • taketray is the most cost-effective solution to the cigarette litter problem

Further projects

taketray not only produces the pocket ashtrays. We are developing various other products to protect our environment.

Projects for a clean environment

The following projects were or are in development at taketray.


portable design ashtray made of aluminium


For the environmentally friendly disposal of chewing gum.


Pocket ashtray with accessories


Combination article for cigarettes and chewing gum.

By working with these renowned institutes, we can ensure the development and production of high-tech products.

Our forward-looking concept has enabled us to attract the following investors.

Institute for Product Design, Development and Construction (IPEK)

Innovation Fund Association

taketray Ltd

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